Sustainable Seafood ProgrammeSustainable Seafood

Our sustainable seafood programme at Oliver’s The Delicatessen aims to help protect the oceans by offering to our customers with sustainable seafood choices.All seafood marked with our Sustainable Seafood icon are from sustainable sources certified by various international bodies.

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Our Approach on Microbeads

We are aware of environmental concerns around the usage of certain types of plastic microbeads*. No Oliver's own-brand rinse-off personal care or cosmetic product contains microbeads and we have already banned microbeads from new product developments of Oliver's own-brand products since early 2016.

We are proactively communicating with other rinse-off personal care or cosmetic product suppliers to reiterate our concern on the usage of microplastics.We are also recommending our suppliers to switch to more environmentally-friendly alternatives.

Oliver’s The Delicatessen has been working to take progressive steps in supporting and promoting environmental protection. We will continue to work with relevant stakeholders to introduce further environmental protection measures that we deem appropriate.

*Remarks: According to ASEAN Cosmetic Association Recommendation statement on Plastic Microbeads 
(Particle size: 0.1 micron-5mm) on 6 June 2016.